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Frosy Mug Creamery

The Frosty Mug began one afternoon with a hand churn ice-cream maker, allowing some high school students to experience the way it used to be done prior to having electricity. They churned and churned but were so appreciative when it was done.

This then grew into another addition here at the Outpost that offered homemade ice-cream for take-out only during the seasonal months.

exteror shot of the frosty mug with porch and rocking chairs
ice cream shop with wooden walls, 2 tables, 4 chairs and a glass refrigerator stocked with drinks and ice cream. Photos of ice cream cones and ice cream scoops on walls. Glass ice cream display case with ice cream cones and toppings displayed on top.

After continued churning and customer demand the Frosty Mug was birthed into a new facility at The Outpost that is open year-round and with inside seating as well as an outside deck to enjoy the views of nature. The new location still offers our traditional homemade ice-cream but has added a variety of flavors along with a marble slab allowing you to mix in your favorite toppings. To top it all off though try one of our Root Beer floats or Coke floats in a Frosty Mug to simply enjoy life! 

little girl licking her ice cream cone

Hours Of Operation

Tuesday - Thursday
10:00AM - 8:00PM

Friday - Saturday
10:00AM - 9:00PM


little girl eating ice cream